Our Core Values

Millennium International courier’s culture is being governed by its core values which shaped and defines the character of our organization.

Integrity and Ethics

We believe in “walk the talk” and keeping promises to all Stakeholders – customers, shareholders and staff. We are committed to ensuring honesty, transparency and highest degree of ethical standards, business and professional values In all interactions within and without the organization.


We are guided by the dictates conducting oneself according to the dictates of Professional Ethics and such we behave appropriately in a way that is acceptable when dealing with our clients.

Team Work

Shared vision, goals and objectives with emphasis on collective efforts. We work together in our pursuit to provide exceptional service delivery to our clients


Equal Opportunity employer which supports Objective and merit based decision making, without discrimination or comparative advantage

Customer Focus

Our customers are our biggest assert and our Understanding of customer needs, values and expectations is a vital component in meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customers.


Innovation is core at the dealings and operations of our organization. We believe in continuous reinvention to lead into new markets, products offerings and services.